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The Canon Project will preserve an appreciation of the commitment to freedom made by the Midwestern United States and the sacrifice, cost, honor and glory associated with our understanding of duty. It will do this by providing a place and a program for education, homecoming, reminiscing and remembering our history.

Six Great Reasons for Berthing the USS Canon in Sheboygan:

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Sponsor a Mile

emptyOne of the major expenses of bringing the Canon to Sheboygan will be the cost of towing (see map below). Simply click on the "Donate" button below to sponsor one mile ($125) of this 3,200+ mile trip from Pennsylvania to Sheboygan.

Or, you may send your check, corporate match, or other gift payable to WINSA to the address below. Sponsors will receive a certificate suitable for framing and recognition in the Naval Museum and Education Center.

Mail donations to:
3120 S. Business Dr, Suite 140
Sheboygan, WI  53081

USS CANON PG-90 Service

The USS Canon PG-90 served honorably in Vietnam and has an outstanding operational history. On 11 August 1970, while underway on the Bo De River in Vietnam, the USS Canon PG-90 was ambushed at 0920 hours from both banks of the river. The ship received eight B-40 rocket hits to port and starboard resulting in extensive damage to the bridge and 14 personnel casualties in a crew of around 30 officers and men. In spite of being seriously damaged in the initial ambush, she fought courageously to inflict heavy casualties on the attacking forces and drove them off.

Included in the initial casualties was the ship's Commanding Officer. Before allowing himself to be MEDEVACED from the ship after the battle, the Commanding Officer had himself strapped to a stretcher and carried around the ship so that he could inspect the damage to assure himself the ship and crew were safe and ready for further combat. He then was relieved by the Executive Officer and MEDEVACED with others to have their wounds treated. As a result of the action, the Commanding Officer was awarded the Navy Cross and Purple Heart.

There were other awards for heroism and numerous Purple Hearts were earned that day by the crew. The former USS Canon PG-90 Commanding Office in this battle, Retired Vice Admiral David B. Robinson, now serves on WINSA's Honorary Board of Directors and looks forward to the day when the USS Canon PG-90 will be berthed in Sheboygan as a historic naval ship.

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